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What is Brick Inlay?

Brick Inlay is an innovative facade solution that speeds construction time and significantly reduces construction costs, while still enabling you to deliver award winning, architecturally creative cladding solutions.

Brick Inlay is reliable, robust and proven. It involves placing thin brick, porcelain or stone tiles into precast concrete panels, to create the look and feel of a traditional brick facade or wall with all the efficiencies and benefits of precast concrete. Best of all, Brick Inlay enables you to customise any pattern and texture you need for your facade, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Take a look at the striking results you can achieve using Brick Inlay and Robertson's Building Products' quality brick, stone and porcelain tiles.

How will you benefit by using Brick Inlay?

  • A structurally sound facade – the bond of thin brick (or stone) and concrete is permanent and structurally superior to traditional brick.

  • Enjoy custom designed brick facades - we will work with you to customise a brick facade to suit your needs - including curved brick facades, custom corners and specialty designs.

  • Unlimited design choices for your brick facade - you can use a variety of speciality thin brick, porcelain or stone colours and textures. Plus, using Brick Inlay you can create any pattern to suit your design - from arches and headers, to radius and multiple coursing patterns.

  • Reduced brick facade construction time - Brick Inlay panels are made offsite ready to install. They're lightweight and easy to install, which means a much faster construction time on site.

  • Extremely cost-effective brick facade solution - there's no need for additional labour on site to install the panels, they're installed much faster, and our Brick Inlay panels are also low maintenance.

  • Construction site efficiency - Brick Inlay panels mean easier site management because there's no need for sand, mortar or mixers on site.

  • Consistent quality brick facades - Brick Inlay is ideal for repeat panels whose formliner can remain attached to the form table.

  • Variety of brick inlay applications - Brick Inlay is used for variety of project types, including pre-cast, tilt-up or cast in place.

  • Excellent durability of your brick facade - Brick Inlay comes with colour fast, stain resistant, durable finishes, and there's no efflorescence.

  • Simplified engineering in building your brick facade - there are no flashing, lintels or weep cavities​.

Where to source brick, porcelain or stone tiles

Robertson Building Products distributes a wide range of thin brick facing tiles / brick slips and genuine stone facing tiles. You can see them on this site here, or visit the Robertson Building Products website.  We're continually sourcing new and innovative products, so check them out before you start planning your next project. 

Embracing prototyping challenges

No prototype is too hard for Robertson Facade Systems. We embrace all prototyping challenges with gusto. 

Custom brick inlay facade, thin brick tiles

Brick Inlay projects

Please click on the PDF documents below to browse through some of our current Brick Inlay projects.

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