ALUSION is a visually striking cladding material unlike any other in Australia.


You can buy ALUSION™ in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Robertson Façade Systems. 


Developed by Cymat Technologies in Canada, ALUSION offers architects and designers unique Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam panels.


It's a panel solution with unmatched density, range of thickness, dimensions, production capacity and consistency.


And, most importantly, ALUSION is non-combustible.

What sets ALUSION™  apart from other panel solutions?

ALUSION™ is made of stabilised aluminium foam. Produced as continual flat sheets, it creates strong, lightweight panels, similar in appearance to a metallic sponge, with virtually limitless design and architectural applications. So, choose ALUSION™ for a modern, dramatic look. 

It's so unique because each side of the panel looks entirely different. What's more, you can choose to leave the surface of each panel in its solid, natural form, or apply surface preparations to achieve endless creative cladding solutions: from a solid, shimmering look to a translucent 'water froth' look - it's completely your choice.

ALUSION™ adds a signature touch to any project, enhancing the ambiance of an environment and performing well as an acoustic solution.

Why choose ALUSION™ Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam as cladding?

Choose ALUSION Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam panels for your next building project and you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • NON-COMBUSTIBILITY - it's fit for the Australian Building Industry, having been tested to the following:

    • AS1530.1-1994 (R2016)  Methods for fire tests on building materials, components, and structures combustibility test for materials. 

    • Group Number Assessment in accordance with AS5637.1-2015 (testing was performed in accordance to AS/NZS 3837-1998) and is now a Product Group Number Classification 1.

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE, as a Product Group Number 1 Material Classification, ALUSION™ is suitable for Building Classifications
    1 through to 10


  • A UNQUE FACADE SOLUTION with an aesthetically stunning metallic lustre

  • EASY TO USE AND INSTAL as it’s lightweight

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE, resistant to impact, yet still lightweight

  • HIGHLY RESISTANT TO WIND LOADS, so perfect for outdoor applications

  • MAINTENANCE FREE in most environments as it’s completely mould and mildew free, and is anti-dust collection and bug free


  • ACOUSTIC PERFORMER, dampening sound and absorbing shock

  • GREAT THERMAL AND INSULATION SUPPORT, so reduced heating and air conditioning requirements

  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION as it’s available in a variety of weights and sizes, both standard and custom

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, as it’s produced with up to 100% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable.

ALUSION, Carillion Chile Bell Tower

Where can you use ALUSION™  ?

ALUSION™  works particularly well as a composite panel, and in an almost unlimited range of applications:

  • Exterior wall cladding

  • Interior wall cladding

  • Highway or road acoustical barriers 

  • High performance surface solution with aluminium foam as a backing

  • Ceiling tiles

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Offices and residential apartment buildings

  • For climate and air quality control situations

  • Railway ventilation

  • Air vents

  • Moisture barriers

  • For insulation, air quality control and environmental control

  • Showroom displays

  • Flooring

  • Signs

  • Lighting

  • Exhibits.

ALUSION Aluminium foam panel cladding

Types of ALUSION™  Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam

Choose from 3 types of ALUSION for your next building project: Large cell, Mid cell and Small cell. The higher the density, the smaller the cell size and the more robust the material.​

Standard panel sizes of ALUSION Architectural Stabilised Aluminium foam are 1220mm wide x 2440mm long and up to 3660mm in length (longer custom panels are also available on request). 


ALUSION™ comes in  3 thicknesses: 12.7mm, 25.4mm and 43.2mm, and you can choose any of the following finishes:

  • Powder coated to match PANTONE colours

  • Coated in polymers, such as a clear coat protector or lacquer

  • Over-moulded with plastics (eg epoxy) to create a hybrid material.

ALUSION™ Large Cell

ALUSION™ Large Cell - Open both sides (translucent)

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

ALUSION's  Shiny silver skin is removed on both sides, creating an extremely lightweight, translucent panel that allows light to pass through. The bottom of this panel sharply reflects light and picks up the colour of well lit material at a reflective angle to the panel.

Bottom side

ALUSION™ Large Cell - Open one side

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

ALUSION's  shiny silver skin is removed exposing the cells underneath and creating a surface just like an aluminium sponge. It is a low density material with large, deep open cells.

Bottom side

ALUSION™ Large Cell - Natural

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION large cell Aluminium foam panels

ALLUSION™ Large Cell Natural has a large 'frozen molten bubble' look on the top surface. Being delicate it's best suited for indoor applications (it's bubbles collapse with force, so it's best out of public reach or protected with an acrylic sheet or glass.  

Bottom side


ALUSION™ Mid Cell - Open one or two sides

ALUSION mid cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION mid cell Aluminium foam panels

A special blasting process removes the surface on one or both sides of these ALUSION mid cell panels, exposing cells below the skin. It contains mid cell open areas and swirling solid areas, creating an appearance similar to the moon's surface or a porous lava flow.

Bottom side

ALUSION™ Mid Cell - Natural

ALUSION mid cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION mid cell Aluminium foam panels

This  ALUSION™ surface is created naturally in a mid density using a continuous panel line production. It has a shiny, simmering silver skin featuring a unique waved pattern.

Bottom side

ALUSION™ Small Cell

ALUSION™ Small Cell - Open one or two sides

ALUSION small cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION small cell Aluminium foam panels

By removing the surface on one or both sides of the panel, cells below the skin are exposed. A series of small open areas and swirling solid areas cover the surface of this ALUSION small cell, similar to the moon or a porous lava flow.

Bottom side

ALUSION™ Small Cell - Natural

ALUSION small cell Aluminium foam panels

Top side

ALUSION small cell Aluminium foam panels

This  ALUSION    small cell surface is created naturally in a higher density, featuring a shiny shimmering skin with a unique waved pattern.


Bottom side

ALUSION™  Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam Panel Projects


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