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1. Save valuable time, with fast, efficient installation

Your walls are built off site, delivering them fully complete, meaning quicker installation, no time delays in bad weather and less disruption to your worksite. No mess, no fuss.

2. Achieve quality, cutting edge contemporary facades

Whatever wall size, design or effect you’re seeking – whether brick, stone or textured aluminium finish – we’ve got standard and customised solutions to suit. One size never fits all.

3. Produce cost-effective solutions, quickly

Create the look of conventional brick, stone or texturised walls and floors at far less cost and hassle – no bricklayers, no footings, no scaffolding and no mess (no sand, cement and mixers on site).

4. Significantly reduce site risk

Struggling with space or site access issues? Our facades arrive complete – they’re taken off the truck and put onto the wall. They take up significantly less space on building sites than traditional bricks, use smaller teams to install and result in cleaner, more efficient work sites requiring no bulk equipment or use of scaffolding for months on end. It’s that simple.

5. Use a range of products or finishes to achieve your desired look

For a traditional brick wall, thin brick in concrete; for a more contemporary look, stone in concrete or a ceramic tile in a flexible steel mesh; and for a state of the art finish to a commercial or residential building, texturised, coloured concrete in any shape, colour or design, or stabilised aluminium foam cladding panels. The sky’s the limit.

6. Enjoy peace of mind: our products comply with Australian standards

Our systems have been tested and approved by the CSIRO. Rest assured, they’re safe and durable.

7. Our proven and robust facade systems achieve outstanding results

At Robertson Facade Systems, we know what works. Whether you select our brick inlay system or ALUSION™, you'll achieve a durable, spectacular facade with a long lasting finish at a fraction of the cost of traditional masonry.

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