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The Brimbank Community and Civic Centre sets a high benchmark for regional development

Brimbank Community Centre, Brick Inlay Facade

Since Brimbank Community and Civic Centre opened in July 2016, the Sunshine town centre has flourished. It’s one of the most outstanding buildings in the Western region, and has encouraged further development in the heart of Sunshine, setting an exceptionally high benchmark for future regional projects.

The purpose built $52 million Brimbank Community and Civic Centre in Hampshire Road exudes quality design and construction. It’s no surprise that it was a finalist in the Architectural Design category of the 2016 Premier’s Design Awards.

Brick Inlay Facade Staircase

The creative architectural design by Lyons Architects combines traditional brickwork with contemporary architectural features, creating a visually stunning and truly functional result. The new building includes a library, customer service centre, a range of community meeting and exhibition spaces, as well as a local history interpretive centre.

Lyons Architects skilfully grounded this magnificent structure using Red Rustic brick facing tiles on the building’s lower floor, seamlessly connecting the new building with surrounding architecture. The tiles were inlaid in to concrete panels by Westkon Precast using Robertson Façade System’s brick inlay system. This allowed Westkon Precast to supply concrete panels to the building site already clad with bricks so that Kane Constructions could progress the project quickly and efficiently.

Thin Brick Inlay Facade Exterior Wall

Indeed, the versatility of the Rustic Red bricks enabled the architect to create continuity between the external brick facade, shown above, and the internal brickwork, shown below. While Rustic Red brick tiles were used on the facade, Rustic Red bricks were used to create the brickwork on some of the Community Centre's internal walls.

This remarkable civic building has created welcome and open spaces that both encourage community participation and learning, and provide a secure and private workplace for Council. It is indeed a wonderful community asset.

Rustic Red thin brick tiles, brick inlay interior walls

Architect: Lyons Architects

Precaster: Westkon Precast

Photographer: Peter Bennetts



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