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Graffiti-resistant glazed brick tile façade proves a winner at Chifley Sports Reserve

The recent upgrade of Chifley Sports Reserve, one of Randwick City Council’s largest sporting reserves, included constructing two amenities buildings complete with kiosks, storage, meeting rooms, toilets and change facilities.

Glazed brick facing tiles, Robertson's brick inlay system

Situated between the reserve’s two main sports ovals, along an east-west pedestrian pathway, the buildings create a central focus for the reserve. A series of concrete blades, situated at the ends of the buildings, are shaped to capture a long flat roofline and to enable transparency and access between the northern and southern sports fields.

The buildings’ striking façade was created by Simply Precast using Robertson Façade Systems’ proven brick inlay system. Using this system, Simply Precast placed glazed thin brick tiles, in black white and yellow, supplied by Robertson’s Building Products, in to concrete on the external panels in the precast factory. The panels were then delivered to site, and quickly and easily installed.

Robertson Facade Systems brick inlay system using glazed brick tiles

Completed in 2016, the choice of glazed brick facing tiles for the buildings’ façade was a clever one, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The glazed brick tiles are not only durable and create a strong profile in the centre of the reserve, but they also easily meet a challenge common to many community facilities – graffiti removal. Glazed brick tiles are incredibly easy to clean. So they make the process of removing graffiti much more simple, compared to traditional porous masonry surfaces, using environmentally friendly methods. Not only is this in line with Randwick City Council’s Graffiti Management policy, but it’s also sure to put a sigh of relief on the faces of the Council’s Graffiti Removal Officers who are charged with the task of removing it.

Glazed brick tiles facade, brick inlay system

For more information on this project, our brick inlay system or glazed brick tiles, please contact Robertson Façade Systems on +613 8199 9599.

Designer: Melocco & Moore

Product: Glazed brick facing tiles (Black, White and Yellow blend)

Precaster: Simply Precast



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