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Announcing ALUSION™: An innovative façade solution for a modern, dramatic look

ALUSION wall facade, Prada Museum

Robertson Façade Systems is pleased share with you a new and exciting addition to our innovative product range: ALUSION™ - a unique panel solution made of architectural stabilised aluminium foam.

Developed by Cymat Technologies in Canada, ALUSION™ is produced as continual flat sheets or in 3D shapes. It has almost limitless design and architectural applications, creating strong, lightweight panels that look just like a metallic sponge. Offering unmatched density, thicknesses, dimensions, production capacity and consistency, you’ll find ALUSION™ adds a signature touch to any project.

It’s so unique because each side of the panel looks entirely different. And, you can either leave the surface of each panel in its solid, natural form, or apply preparations to achieve endless creative cladding solutions: from a solid, shimmering look to a translucent 'water froth' look - it's completely your choice.

Why choose ALUSION™?

Choose ALUSION™ Architectural Stabilised Aluminium Foam panels for its:

• Aesthetically stunning metallic lustre

• Lightweight panels, which are easy to move and install, yet durable and impact resistant

• Easy maintenance, being mould and mildew free, anti-dust and bug free

• Heat insulation and resistance

• Acoustic performance

• Thermal and insulation support

• Versatility, being available in a range of weights and sizes

• Environmental friendliness, produced with up to 50% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Its applications are virtually unlimited

Though it works particularly well as a composite panel, ALUSION™ is also suited to a wide range of applications, from exterior and interior wall cladding, road acoustical barriers, ventilation systems, flooring, signage and exhibits, to moisture barriers, lighting, ceiling tiles and showroom displays.

For more information on ALUSION™ and any of our innovative façade solutions, visit our website or contact us today on +613 8199 9599. We look forward to hearing from you.



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